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My name is Lena Lukina and I'm glad to see you on my site.

Here you can choose a kitten or read useful information)))

Here you can get a kitten Scottish Fold (Scottish shorthair) and Highland Fold (Scottish long-haired) elegant colors with white, silver chinchilla cat and golden ticked kittens with emerald eye color and acromelanic colors - mink with aquamarine color eyes, sepia and colour-point with bright blue eyes.

The Cattery is not engaged in commercial breeding - all matings carefully planned and aimed at improving the breed type, to get as close as possible to the breed standard American-style, healthy and affectionate cats. The Cattery cats are with beautiful pedigree data, exhibitions winners .

Our studs and Queens are the most famous American, Canadian and Russian breeding lines (KINROSS, KERRILEE, AMBER SNOW, COUPARI, STEDAM, RUMFOLD).

With us you can always opt for a beautiful and healthy for the soul of the Scottish kitten for breeding or show career! Kittens leave home at the age of 12 weeks, vaccinated by age, accustomed to use toilet and scratching.


О нас в соц. сетях

2011 - year of foundation of the Cattery LukeL

About breed Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold - one of the most fascinating species, and even kitty-folds sheer charm and charm.

Scottish - peaceful, gentle and loyal companions, extremely affectionate and loving. It is very convenient animal in the house, he never imposes his company and does not require constant attention. These cats is hard to watch without admiration and emotion: they are very peace-loving, flexible, calm, neat.

Just perfect pets!

Scottish Fold absolutely not aggressive to adults and children, easy to get along with other animals. They do not require special maintenance costs, very clean and tidy.

Care of this cat is very simple - to feed, occasionally combing, caress, cuddle, and most importantly love !!!!!


My scottish cats­­

Rumfold Bombshell Mink Story Shu-ko of LukeL

male Scottish Fold SH

­­Blue Mink tabby & white bicolor 

a 24 32 03 

G Ch Rumfold Silver Cherry LukeL

female Scottish Straight

black silver shaded (ns 11)

Rumfold Silver Christine LukeL

female Scottish Straight

black silver shaded ns 11

Juliette Ermine Trace of LukeL

female British shorthair 

 Golden ticked lynx point 

 BRI ny 25 33


G.Ch. Rumfold Silver Moonlight of LukeL 

female Scottish Straight

black silver shaded  ns 11


G.Ch. Rumfold Princess Fiona of LukeL

female Scottish Straight Longhair

Tortie spotted tabby

Rumfold Papaoutai 

SCL e21 33 

male Scottish Straight LH 

 Lilac lynx Point 


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